Why see an orthodontist near me?

At Periago Orthodontics, your orthodontic care is more than just a job for us. We are dedicated and passionate about helping you achieve a healthy, aligned smile. Our team does not take the trust you put in us lightly and holds ourselves to high standards to provide you with the quality care you should expect from your healthcare provider.

In recent years, there has been an increase in retail and other services becoming entirely online, and medical services are no different. When you execute your treatment with our online counterparts, you miss crucial components of the orthodontic experience. While we do not want to discourage you from doing what is best for you, we would like to take a moment to tell you what sets us apart from our 100% virtual competitors.

We have multiple treatment options!

You wouldn’t expect everyone to wear the same glasses prescription or need the same medication dosage. The same goes for orthodontic treatment. There is no “one-size-fits-all,” and for a good reason! Every individual’s needs, goals, and lifestyles are different, and all are important factors when choosing between clear aligners, traditional metal braces, and ceramic braces. Many online or virtual services offer only one option, and it might not be the best one for you.

Dr. Periago will carefully examine your case and then explain the differences between the treatment options before discussing which one he thinks is the best route for you and why. He will also take all the time needed to answer any questions so you can be knowledgeable and confident when deciding.

Care beyond the cosmetics!

Before beginning any treatment, your health needs to be in good condition! Attempting to move the teeth when they are not ready could damage them, potentially causing bone or tooth loss! When you send your DIY mold impression to an online or virtual service, they miss the bigger picture.
Our in-person orthodontic team can thoroughly check your bone, gums, and teeth health. Some situations that require orthodontic treatment can lie below the surface and aren’t seen in the mold or images you take from home. Potential complications, such as cavities, can also be found during your in-person assessment and prevent you from experiencing any unnecessary pain and avoid extending your overall treatment time.

Many online or virtual services also do not offer jaw alignment treatment, which is vital in treating or preventing TMJ, grinding teeth, and more. Correct jaw alignment can improve breathing, communication, and digestive issues!

At Periago Orthodontics, we care about your smile and your health! With periodic checkups, we monitor both to keep you happy and healthy.

Personalized finances so you can get the care you need, stress-free!

We know that a considerable part of the decision-making process involves the questions, “How much does this cost?” and “Can I afford this?” We don’t want finances to prevent you from getting the treatment you want or need. Because we are in-network with so many companies, we have plenty of experience navigating the murky world of insurance and can save you many headaches! Our team will work tirelessly to ensure you use your insurance benefits to the fullest extent to minimize out-of-pocket costs.

If you have a remaining balance after insurance is applied, don’t fear! We offer many options to remove the stress of payment, such as preferred patient interest-free financing, no-interest pick-a-payment options, and more!

If you are still unsure about affordability, we are willing and able to help you begin the process of breaking down the cost even before your first visit, including discovering your insurance benefits for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions!

We support our local community!

At Periago Orthodontics, we are lucky and honored to be a part of and serve such an amazing community. We take pride in giving back to an area that does so much for our families and us. We love that we are able to help our community beyond transforming smiles and support incredible organizations and programs. Every visit with us allows us to maintain those relationships and continue doing the good we love to do.

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There is so much involved in getting you expert care and warm, inviting customer service to provide you with astonishing results. Each detail is a small building block of your journey to a healthy, aligned smile and jaw with lasting changes.

Dr. Periago has unmatched professional experience and an incredible team alongside him. Together, Periago Orthodontics can give you a fantastic treatment experience.

Schedule your free consultation at one of our three convenient locations today to learn more about us, our services, and what we can do for you!