What Is Indirect Bonding?

You probably want your time in braces to be as fast and comfortable as possible, right?

At Periago Orthodontics, we help you do just that! Indirect bonding helps us install braces quicker and ensures proper bracket placement on each individual tooth.

This means less time in the orthodontic chair when Dr. Periago places your brackets.

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Faster Braces Placement

The process of indirect bonding starts by creating a mold of your teeth. This takes just a few minutes and provides an exact replica of your mouth.

From there, we’ll create a 1:1 model of your teeth. Dr. Periago will then meticulously place each bracket on the teeth to ensure the most effective movement.

Finally, we’ll create a customized tray that helps us place the brackets exactly as directed by Dr. Periago.

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Getting Started

Once your custom tray is finished, your braces are ready to be installed! You’ll return to our office to have your custom tray fitted and your braces attached.

Indirect bonding allows Dr. Periago to place all of the brackets at the same time, taking the total time of getting braces applied from 40-60 minutes to just 15-25!

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Benefits of Indirect Bonding

Taking the time to place each bracket in the proper position on the lab model, Dr. Periago eliminates the difficult process of placing orthodontic brackets directly on the teeth.

Indirect bonding also takes much less time and is more comfortable than traditional methods. It even causes fewer loose brackets.

Since the brackets are placed on an exact model before your teeth, indirect bonding is more accurate than traditional bracket placement. This helps us start things off on the right track from day one!

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Learn More About Indirect Bonding

This state-of-the-art technique is a growing trend and Periago Orthodontics is excited to offer it to patients in New Albany, Corydon, and Floyds Knobs.

Our team of technicians can answer any questions you have on indirect bonding or other orthodontic techniques and if indirect bonding is the right choice for your treatment plan.