Braces Or Invisalign: Which Treatment Is Right For You

Have you been thinking about straightening your smile recently? Orthodontic treatment is a big investment, and it’s not unusual to have many questions about how it all works. Here at Periago Orthodontics, we know that the best patients are the most informed patients! That’s one reason we offer free consultations from our offices in New Albany, Corydon, and Floyds Knobs. This initial visit will be your introduction to our practice and your chance to discuss any concerns you have with Dr. Periago. We’ll also go over the entire treatment process, including popular treatments like braces and Invisalign. Keep reading below to learn more about these exciting options!  

Two treatments, one beautiful smile

Traditional braces have been around for a very long time and have a proven track record of successfully correcting a variety of bite and alignment issues. They’re composed of brackets, wires, and bands that we use to gently move the teeth into the desired positions over time. Today’s braces are better than they’ve ever been, with added comfort and an improved appearance. They can also be customized with fun-colored elastic bands! For patients who prefer a more subtle look, we have clear brackets and elastics available. 

The Invisalign system also moves the teeth in small increments but uses a series of clear aligners to do so. These removable aligners are custom-made from a unique thermoplastic material that allows them to fit snugly over your own teeth. When patients wear them as directed, Invisalign aligners can be just as effective as braces at correcting many of the most common orthodontic issues. Teen and adult patients tend to love the extra freedom that comes with an aligner system!

The basics of braces treatment

Traditional braces are very efficient at correcting a wide range of oral issues. They can be especially helpful in cases that are more severe or complex. Braces can sometimes work faster than clear aligners, which may shorten the overall treatment time. However, there’s no “one size fits all” answer for how long a patient will need to be in braces. Everyone’s needs are different, and each patient will respond to treatment in their own way. The average tends to be anywhere from 12-36 months, however. 

You’ll often be able to see some signs of progress with braces in a relatively short period of time. This can be really encouraging as you start to settle into your orthodontic journey!

Maintaining traditional braces can come with a bit of a learning curve for most patients, especially when it comes to navigating around the brackets and wires. With some patience and practice, this will become just one more part of your daily routine in no time. If you need a helping hand, there are a variety of accessories available to make oral hygiene easier. For example, water piks can help rinse those hard-to-reach areas, while ortho picks are excellent for braces-specific flossing.

Food restrictions are an essential part of this maintenance, as well—you’ll need to avoid anything that can damage your braces or teeth throughout the treatment process. This includes anything crunchy or sticky, so favorites like raw carrots, certain kinds of candy, popcorn, and gum will need to go on the back burner until your braces are removed.

Braces patients can expect to see us for follow-up visits every 6-8 weeks or so. During these checkups, Dr. Periago will ensure everything is progressing according to the treatment plan. She’ll also make any necessary adjustments and may choose to change the wire at this time as well. Most of these visits last no more than an hour, but they’re an essential part of treatment. Try not to miss any if you can help it! Keeping all your appointments with us will help you achieve the best results in the least amount of time possible. 

Everything you need to know about Invisalign

The innovative Invisalign system relies on patient compliance for its success. Since the custom aligners are removable, you’ll be responsible for wearing them the recommended 20-22 hours a day throughout the treatment process. Each aligner will also need to be switched out for the next in the series every 1-2 weeks in order to keep up with the movements the teeth are making. Failure to do so can lead to a longer treatment time and less optimal results.

Because Invisalign aligners are removable, they’re effortless to maintain. They’re designed to be taken out before eating and drinking anything other than water, so you’ll never need to worry about food getting stuck in between the brackets and wires. That means no restrictions on what you can eat! Aligners are also removed before brushing and flossing, making dental hygiene a much quicker and more straightforward process.

Like braces, the treatment time with Invisalign is dependent on how each patient responds. The average tends to be somewhere between 12-24 months. Invisalign patients will also be scheduled for regular follow-ups with Dr. Periago, usually every 10-12 weeks or so. Skipping appointments or missing scheduled aligner changes can quickly undo any progress made. 

As an Invisalign Platinum Plus provider, Dr. Periago has successfully created hundreds of beautiful smiles with clear aligners! Thanks to her extensive training and experience with the Invisalign system, she’s comfortable using it to treat even difficult cases that other orthodontists may insist on correcting with braces.

Find the right treatment for your smile at Periago Orthodontics

Every treatment option comes with its own set of pros and cons, which is why it’s so important to work with an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Periago! When you schedule an orthodontic evaluation with us, she’ll carry out a thorough exam and let you know which treatment would be the best fit for you. This personalized approach will give you a beautiful smile that’s perfect for your face! 

With three offices conveniently located in New Albany, Corydon, and Floyds Knobs, it’s never been easier for you to transform your smile. To learn more about how braces or Invisalign could improve your oral health, get in touch today to schedule your FREE consultation with our expert team.